Close to summer night… [short excerpt]

Ah, summer evening…
Smell of grass, the chill from lake and peace…
Chirping of insects, soft wind breeze, porch of the house, the smell of smoke, as wood is slowly licked by fire in the stone oven.
“Remember, how it was so peaceful in heart some moments in events of stillness, some very long time ago?”
The smell of the heat and herbs from sauna…
She stands next to me barefoot.
I sit and eyes wander.
“Your figure is so small, yet so strong. It’s rare to see you at peace.”
I look down. Path is still, as it leads somewhere far.
Eyes trace it towards horizon – forests and fields.
She places her hand on my shoulder. My head leans on it.
“Empty head at last?”
Her voice is soothing. She states as she sees, but does so in a gentle manner.
“The stillness makes feathers on your wings flutter in the breeze. That battered body having a moment to relax – you seem like a very odd part in painting.”
The chill of air fills lungs with hope.
“You’re not alone. You’ll always have me.”
My eyes tear up, the beads slowly rolling down my cheeks.
You don’t have to say anything.
I’m also instilled in the silence.
As we share that moment, with sunset falling into night – no words are spoken any more.
My heart is filled with soft, warm light.


Art by Miloe Cute on ArtStation

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