“consolation/we’re nearly there…” [poetry]

Sweetheart, don’t cry.
You know why!
It’s not like he’ll die…
Not that I can deny…

Darlin’ stop being hysterical!
I knew from the start that such clerical
Simpleton and neophyte, so lyrical
Like he hadn’t wished or had a will to fight…

Oh stop! The dreaded whining gets on nerves!
He got exactly what he deserves!
Being such dimwit and eating nerves.
There is only so much for emotional reserves!

Oh honey, wipe away the snot.
By now he already forgot
Every moment he gave a thought
To be closer to you, to be part of your lot.

Your eyes see no darkness still
As young heart blooms and wants to believe
Oh how I wish I wouldn’t be that thieve
Who’d grab you into darkness and show relieve…

Darling, my sweet darling, please,
Come, hug me tight, I’ll give you peace.
I’ll be your guide in shades of lie
And make you great, I won’t deny…

The methods used are that of venom,
But made from pain, so they’re not seldom
They’re well combined to be protection
Although they cloud your own reflection…

We’re not perfection, we never were
But deary, listen, we are here
We are just meat and bones
And as we die – we’re pile of stones.

Your pain won’t last, as it’ll soothe
Once tears are dry – the heart will smooth,
And time will pass – returns the youth
The joy, the whimsical old truth.

Don’t worry dear,
You’ll bath in care,
The love – I’ll share,
And death… We’re nearly there.


Art by Andreas Rocha on ArtStation

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