“…crave silence…” [short story]

Eh, the pang in the ears from heartbeat is tirelessly reoccurring. The feeling of head – like it’s numb and stuffed with wet cotton,

Each moment passes by with that damn sound of ventilation unit, as it buzzes for his life.

The dark outside the window is quite subtle, yet the wish for deadly silence nudges me.
Ah, do you remember how it’s petrifying when you’re in such a quiet place – your breath sounds deafening? I want that back. To have that utter silence, with claws digging into the skull, prying into depths of that inner hell you brew inside you.

Yes, silence. That craving for it makes me mad. Just pulls on me to stand under shower, as it cancels out it all, just pouring water, just missing some air.
Suffocating in the breaths taken, for the evil comes begging to be unleashed.

Ah, there we go, headache. The feeling of silent rage that you hold back, so it doesn’t harm those around you… But you know… You know in your mind that you’ve taken them apart piece by piece, as they shout from pain of limbs being torn, or maybe as you hear that snap of the neck and all turns to calm…be78a961-b84d-4bf0-891b-2c66133911f9

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