“A name in the grass” [short story]

There was a moment, a story that was made up, told when I was a kid. We were playing outside, the bunch of kids, during summer months, as we did. And we had fine bushes of flowers growing on the side of the apartment complex.
Right after the flower bushes was a steep down hill. You could roll off from it easily into the court of a private house below.

As we played hide and seek, me and few others hid behind the bushes. That’s when we had a moment of chat about how differently the grass grows under the bush.
One girl, older than the rest of us, pointed out that the grass spelled my name.
That began a stir of that fact being good or bad.

But then she began the legend.

“Long time ago, here lied a girl with the same name as yours. Right under this bush. All nice and pretty, smart and lively. She fell asleep here. Something made her sleep very deeply. So ants ate her body away.”
Needless to say – I was both filled with curiosity and fear, but…
So many years later…Not only did I know that she, the girl in legend, was lying dead under that flower bush, but that I too, began to wish to be her.
Falling asleep that deeply, that ants take you apart. Leaving a name in the grass that’ll grow in my place.
What would I feel, as I turn into the endless, into the piece of earth. Disintegrate into nature.

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