“Her simple words were very comforting…”

Her simple words were very comforting
She spoke about the little things

“Please come again, my prince!”
Would be the voice of confronting

Her dashing simple whims
Please, come with me, so forthcoming

Each step was very so
But every night her forthcoming was dimly lit by her

Each day I spent waiting for sign
Would turn on me each time

I loved her fondly, wouldn’t mind
To cherish her foul soul

She went to me whenever she felt lonely – very cold
I let her turn me in a doll – the love was built so low

I’d hold my breath, I’d curse that sow
I’d wither day and night

But day by day and month by month
I’d take it up – I’d swallow moth and eat my lowly soul

She’d drag me down, I’d let her to
Just dazzling bright – her lonely soul

Forever stolen, silent, torn,
Unworthy, shitty, with that scorn

But fallen, drunk and under spell
Your hands were net and I damn fell

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