[1]”Fish” prompt Inktober2020

Tama was observing the fish in the pong, outside the house. The air was colder, the autumn was engulfing life around.

Eyes wondered back to journal she read. Belonged to her old, deceased friend.

“Saturday, 11 September

I have once again seen that cat in my dream. Tama told me that seeing cats in dreams is bad. That health will deteriorate. Well, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s not that.

So, that cat lead me aroud the old town roads. With many other stray cats being the ones to inhabit many flats and houses, not so many people there. Many seem like lifeless dolls, or too preoccupied with mundane troubles and drinking.

Smoke in the air, houses half-fallen, encircled in mettalic railings and covers, as if they’d be rebuilt again. But that just never happened.

So I walked around, holding the cat in hands.

I’m not sure what woke me after that, but I felt kind of nostalgic, like I was not supposed to wake up. Or wake up in that moment.”

“Thursday, September 23

Somehow got cold for past days. Snot is not stopping, headache and temperature do not stop, nor drop.

Saw a dream with house with cats. Many-many cats. Small kittens, big cats, even kittens in the size of small bugs, crawling around as roaches. So cute, yet somehow scary.

Beem told that that’s a bad premonition. But I’m sure it’s just a dream. “

“Saturday, October 9

I can’t really think lately… Mind becomes like cotton each time I try. Cats are all I have in my mind… “

October 11, 11:11 evening was when she died.

Being the one to tell her to look after health, to say that it’s bad omens, to try and pray for her – but it didn’t work. The damn spirit of the fish pond had dragged the soul by using her pet cat.

“Being magician does not always help, huh?” – Tama said, picking up vile and pouring contents into the pond.

Water boiled and shouts of evil spirit pierced the ears. Horrid screech. Moments later the fishes had disappeared and water became green, moss getting up from the bottom.

“At least I can avenge her now, ” – Tama let out a breath. – “sorry it took me ten years…”

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