[3]”Bulky” prompt Inktober 2020

There’s been this nostalgic throwback to the time of me being in my room a lot. Just there, forever on the computer with no internet, creating AMVs from whatever pictures I managed to download way ago.
Comfort of own room, own over sized hand-me-downs of siblings and friends-of-a-friends kids… And me, in my way too comfy bulky pants and hoodie.
Forever hidden and very subtle. Kind of easily drowning in clothes, yet somehow very easily falling asleep in them even as I sit outside on the porch of a house.
Or closed in a room for hours in a day, not really on about willing to go out play. Just there, in my own little world.
Trying out new transitions in the video editor and playing this Bosson song that’s with no end.
Comfort of the own little world.

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