[6] “Rodent” prompt Inktober2020

Sitting in a dusty room
Looking like unhealthy gloom
Richard let out lengthy sigh
Morning was too goddamn bright

Working so much in construction
Does not let much of distraction
Put up walls, do insulation
All in all builds up frustration

Days repeat themselves so endlessly
But he still goes, tries so earnestly
Yet there’s something slowly crawling up his way
Something eerie, obscene, one might say

Pure curiosity made little glimmer
The part between walls seemed a bit thinner
Richard pushed in to see damaging cause
Crumbled wall, fell out rats – lots of those

Scattering to and from corner to corner
Discombobulated, having kings order
Richard was panicky, stomach had fluttered
“This damn cursed house” – he muttered

Days went by, house slowly dissolving
The rodent plague had made its evolving
Poor Richard was devoured, with no traces left
Such silly death, such uncanny life theft

“Rattus Rattus” by Teagan White

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