[7] “Fancy” prompt Inktober2020

Dinner in a restaurant
Dim red lights around
She’s in tight qipao dress
I try not drop my mouth

“I’ve heard them say,
Well, if I may, In secret,
That guests are sometimes
Treated different”

She adjusted her seating
Shifted graciously so
I was holding steady my breathing
Much more harder to do and to go

“So they have secret chamber
Where they keep things alive
Serving best for the living
Making all senses fly”

I felt my pants tighten
Her palm brushed my knee
“Would you wish to be lighter?
Would you follow me?”

Her whispers made me shiver
I took a sharper breath
It feels like outfits slimmer
From when I entered here

Her hand had wandered higher,
Now gripping my hard self
“Come boy, let me be someone
Who feasts on your sweet self.”

I couldn’t really think then
She lead me by the hand
The moment we walked in there
I’ve met my fancy end

“Fei-fei, did you have dinner?”
“Oh, sure. Just had one now.
He was a timid fellow,
Yet his heart tasted – “Mwah!” “

“Girl in Latex Qipao” by akira337

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