[8] “Teeth” prompt Inktober2020

Smile on a photo that I picked, had made me realize how many years went by.
This was taken when we still went to summer camps and then to grandparents countryside during rest of summer.
Summer, girl I dated, was with a perfect smile. But we were around 11-12 years old when we found each other, during time I spent with grandpa.
He lived in countryside, so, her house was nearly 10 minutes of walk away. Farms and forests.
When we met – she too, was staying with her relatives. It was her auntie, as far as I understood.
My grandpa always cautioned me not to go near her house. “Bloody evil things reside there!” – he’d say with a scowl. But I still went close enough to call her out to play.
We’d dash into the forest nearby, watch birds and other animals we could glimpse in sight. We’d talk about the moon and dreams. It was greatly fun. She taught me how to pick mushrooms. Which are edible, which are not. Also she showed me how to pick flowers and plants for tea making. She was so smart.
The vinyl record she gave me played such fine music.
That record was confiscated by my grandpa, when I played it for the first time when he was at home. I’d typically do that when he was out in town to pick up things.
When he found it, he took it off, almost breaking player and took it outside to burn it. I too, received a beating for not listening to him.
Well, few days later his health got bad. Teeth began falling out. He repeated that I cursed him, due to those evil creatures of that house.
There even began a moment when a tooth began showing in his eye.
My aunt arrived to look after him, which didn’t take much for her to say that he went mad. And such things have to be taken to hospital.
One night it was creepy. He shouted from pain.
I still remember him in the ambulance that arrived around 3-4am, to take him to hospital.
It didn’t finish well.
When we went for the funeral, I sneaked in to look inside coffin, because it was always closed. But once I peeked inside – I shut the lid and dashed the heck away.
Whole of my grandpa was covered in teeth, growing out everywhere. It was damn creepy.
Sometimes I still wonder if that girlfriend of mine – Summer, was sort of a witch.
Shall never know. After that incident – not once have I met her again.

Art by – FreshCan 3D

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