[10] “Hope” prompt Inktober2020

With flickers of the swords against the hall
And dribble of the blood, around, in sight
The battle of the great resumed
All that it touched – it consumed

The people in the land – despised
The royalty at hand – demised
The greatly needed peace – had ceased
And goodness of the heart – not pleased

First, next and last to come – all dead
The evil and the foul – not fed
With endless ghastly shadows of doubt
No one can leave this sadness without…

As born from blood and bones are they
With fun, yet deadly will – the fey
As comes the new great era to the place
To all it feels like new and endless maze

Divine had played their part in land
With loss and that of great in hand
With little to the people of the slope
They once again throw dice and dangle hope

Vladimir Manyukhin – https://www.artstation.com/mvn78

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