[16] “Rocket” prompt Inktober2020

“…launch in T-minus five…” – System voice echoes in the large lab. The panic and buzzing of people ceased roughly ten minutes ago. Since that moment there was some fidgeting with system, to get it operational.

I lay back in chair, hands behind my neck. Eh, rough patch of a week. I let out a tired sigh.
“Guess pay raise is no longer and option…” – I mutter.

It all began few months ago, really, and if not for certain few – might all lived for way longer. But nah, they just had to ruin my day after day, after day…
“Kids these days know no manners…” – I mutter again.
“…minus four twenty nine…” – system keeps the count down.

I scratch my forehead, wipe my eyes.
“So that girl, Scarlet, from the code department, just had to fuck around with my damn coffee cup every day. She took it as hers with no understanding of concept of private property. That bloke Jess, was a damn asshole, who managed to knock over my documents, pens, and other objects from my table corner every time he passed by, without fucking apologies.”
“Henry just had to always butt into my talking and cut off every fucking time. Trish managed to screw up and dump her fuck-ups on me, coz, well, she sleeps with our head of department and can fuck up anyone’s life.”
“Fredric managed to lose the coding so many times I had to fucking do that shit for him all those fucking times – because deadlines and trials. James was coming to work to flirt, not to work. Why the fuck was he employed in the first place?!” – I rant out in anger, turning to the dead bodies on the floor.

“Assholes, right?” – I let out sigh after that.
“Not one cared about my overwork, my health or wish for proper work ethics…”
Eyes look over the lab, as I smack my lips.
“Well, guess what? I don’t really give a fuck now too.”

“…minus two twenty one…”

“And this ballistic rocket with explosives does not give a fuck either.”

“…minus forty one…”

I relax in chair finally.
Sleep taking over.
I don’t give a shit.
May all get blasted to hell.

“…two… one…”

Ah, my thoughts shall be at peace.

Flames, explosion and rubble… left where the large research facility meant to be.

Dmitriy Dilan on ArtStation – https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lVybaG

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