[18] “Trap” prompt Inktober2020

“My High Fairy!” – Guard rushed into the throne room. – “My High Fairy!”
The lords had stepped aside to let the guard through.
“Urgent Message!” – Guard barely got his breath. – “The Orcs had breached the left forest defense!” – His hands were on his knees, trying to catch breath.
High Fairy got up from the Bell Throne, walked over to Guard, placed her hand on his shoulder:
“Thank you. Now rest.” – Guard let out breath, green mist surrounded him, as it dissipated, the guard was once again the swallow bird.
Fairy turned to court.
“The head of Army, bring him here! Now! May the Maiden of Magic Tree also be summoned!” – she shouted commands.
Royal guards stormed off, full speed flying out for the requests.

Few moments later, the Head of Army, large Bear, and Maiden of Magic Tree, Winged Spirit, had stood in front of Fairy.
“The breach was done.” – Fairy spoke.
“Yes, have been notified. Those forces are amassing in that location. We can’t really charge in full force. There’s still no clue to their plans.” – Bear spoke.
“The plants have spoken. They could set ambush.” – Winged Spirit said.
High Fairy shook head: “Ambush sounds risky.”
“That still could be a good defense.” – Spirit let out.
“Little being knows no evil that is in the Orc creatures.” – Bear shot a glance.
“I could manage. you big fluff.” – Spirit snorted.
“Please. Matter is of importance.” – Fairy pleaded.
“I’ll ready troops on stand-by.” – Bear said. – “Sent scouts already.”
“Mhmph!” – Spirit let out. – “I’ll grow sleep mushrooms to slow them down.”
High Fairy nodded.
“To work it shall be then.”

In the forest – the beings that wore Orc skin, had been catching fey beings, ripping their wings off.
“The little brats are too loud, Grey.” – One of them let out.
“Heh. Not every day they encounter demons. What could you expect.”

By evening the forces of Beasts and Fairies had ceased to be in power. Defeated.
As High Fairy clung to her pendant, now on knees next to her throne, the man in Ork skin had finally removed it. His demonic beauty unparalleled, dark skin, long dark hair, gold eyes.
“Thanks for help, Lilly.” – He addressed Magic Tree Maiden.
Spirit bowed to him.
“The coup… The war… How could I have let you…” – High Fairy with pain and regret on her face, watched Spirit.
“She only did her job. As a stray spirit – there’s no rights and wrongs in magic.” – He snapped fingers, summoning shadow daggers, which then pierce High Fairy. – “Just business.”

Art by ZUDartS Lee on ArtStation

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