[19] “Dizzy” prompt Inktober2020

Dragging feet had been recently my feat. With days going in a daze, haze, with fog filling the view, the feelings of what I knew.
With each day passing by fast, yet dragging on, like a cursed blast. Bit by bit… View from window had been more sickening. Screens and screens becoming way more of a head banging, life-draining beast that no matter what fed still craves more.
Smell of cigarettes had been filling my home, my room, lungs and I all I knew.
Taste of coffee, dark, bitter and sticky. My curtains are still hanging…
Remember when I did the painting with curtains as a backdrop. Few vases, flowers… Right, there was book I knew. From woods to sea and chill bestowed by lord of watered beasts,there also was a bliss, with way we walked in mist outside in Green Park. As you spoke about cold, assignments and that shabby old boat. The traffic then came to a halt – with broken tires and car crash that took part.
The wind seems too slow. Even roses outside old window don’t seem to move at all.
Paperwork, your old fort, I had plans to do some work, of right, emails. Should have done them. There were some deliveries today, right? Ah, sure, there’s that show on telly tonight. Had I texted Pam regarding last night?
Lighter in hands, cigarette filling, red burning ends, puff out the smoke. On, on a wall there’s a dot. Should have washed dishes dammit. Have I checked AC unit? Right, some coffee is needed.
My old dog… should I feed it? But he ate in the morning. Walked about down the road. He’s been sleeping now, oldie, holding onto the world.
Should I start making dinner or take up my old spinner? Head is endlessly whirling, with the thoughts that ain’t thrilling.
Just a glimpse of my feeling…
Are you dizzy yet, Liebling?

Artist – https://gabisart.tumblr.com/

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