[20] “Coral” prompt Inktober2020

Preparations before fashion show were buzzing behind the catwalk. Make-up was applied to models, hair got styled, outfits prepared, the sequence rehearsed, last ideas discussed and designers were in fight mode.
This is the time to show, to do, to shine and be famous for glory of Haute couture.
“Bring me the red hat.” – Felicia was monitoring accessories on models. As a co-designer it was her thing – to make all beauty as it had to be.
Her assistant dashed to the prop section, grabbing petite red hat and getting back with it.
Felicia was still mulling over the little thing of what to add to this, to make it flawless. The black dress, that gave the feeling of power, dominance, just had to have this thing…
Something that would make the dress, the look, even more unforgettable.
“No.” – Felicia let out, after she tried hat on a model, yet it did not give the right feeling.
Sleek back hair, yet curled right below ear line and long curls cascade down. Earrings that dangle down as straight gold lines, thin and chic. Top of dress that reminds top of suit, yet below waist it’s a skirt that’s tight to the body, with volume expanding, like blooming flower, below mid-tight, stretching across floor as walked in heels.
The grace and power…
“Grace and power…” – Felicia spoke aloud. She needed the little “Something” to bring it to the dazzling heart throb.
“Minute until she walks.” – PA approached, reminding that this model needs to go on catwalk.
Felicia glimpsed at the mirror, catching the view of self. Then it struck as a lightning.
Felicia grabbed model, kissed her on lips, smudging own lipstick across her.
Then she released her in time, PA pulled model to the catwalk start.
And she was the one to get the audience electrified.
Felicia smiled to herself.

“What was that colour splash with model in black dress?” – Interviewer had asked the designer.
“That was the statement. The power move, really.” – Designer replied.
“It definitely stood out, as theme of immaculate perfection was preserved throughout the rest looks.” – Interviewer shifted papers.
“Yes. Felicia called it “Coral Orange”. The move of passion that portrays our collection. Grace and power. Absolutely unexpected, was it not?”

Diana Moisa on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi1uIBiDapL/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=5d3hkrsbl93a

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