[21] “Sleep” prompt Inktober2020

The city flies past in the window of a tube. I know that going from work is, well, should be, quite great, yet even though it’s 4pm and I’m still…

Eyes close down on me. The thudding rails, people shuffling in and out, the chatter, laughter, phone conversations, every so often the sound of the recording that goes with “the next stop is… please change for…”.
I open eyes… South Kensington. It’s quite light… Still few more stops to go.

Then it’s dark. Ah, just the sheer wish to sleep on train until the very moment you are revitalised….

Another day.

The train this time is towards aunt May. With overground off and away. Stops, people, trees, houses, plains, trees, trees… And again. My eyelids feel heavy, the sun warming world is just right. I feel myself like a cat on a porch of an old country home. Ah, wonderful…

This once again is overground. The grey that sure now is constant is present. With wonders that hide behind drizzle and wet of the weather. Maybe old coffee shop owner had some secrets, with how he brews every cup… or that little moment when you pass by another off-licence, just then, somewhere down the street… Under the bridge…
Eyes heavy, mind flows in ways that find cracks in worlds apart…

“Next stop is Isleworth…”

Ah, my old college days… Sleep was always covering my days in library, or during smoke breaks…

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