[25] “Buddy” prompt Inktober2020

It was late autumn. Me and my buddy Frank went out fishing in the lake.

Franks cabin was absolutely fantastic. He even had sauna. It was amazing. The day in the lake, on a boat, with fishing rods in hand and wrapped up in warm clothes. The grey day and little drizzle. It’s all a man needs.

“Do you remember Lucy?” – Frank began.
“Lucy? The one from the Heery’s Farm? That Lucy or the one from the flower shop?” – I looked at the water.
“The Heery’s Farm. That one.”
“What about her?”
“Ehm…” – Frank paused. – “We’re dating.”
I turned around in surprise, eyeing him with a smirk that followed.
“Aw you sly dog.” – I let out.
He pressed lips, shook head.
“Ain’t as pretty.” – He sighs. – “I feel like I might have fucked up.”
I look at him, like dad does at his son.
“Frank, I’ve known you for years. You’re a good man. A great husband material. There’s no way you can fuck up greatly more than just throwing dirty socks in the living room. That’s your top screw up.”
He looks ahead. Eyes somewhere with no focus.
“Nah man, I really did fuck up.” – He lets out. – “She saw me with Megan. And ran away before I could explain anything.”
I laugh.
“Just go to your Lucy. Get them flowers and chocolate. Tell her about yer sister and let it all work itself out. She’ll get it.” – I tell him.

I never knew what followed next.
From the heartbreak Frank had, to Lucy running off with a woman. Life sure has many ways to surprise.

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