“Gutter” 12.2020 prompts

The divide between the population ever so grew. Each day becoming more and more of a trench that gets dug even more deep. Weeping and crying, or standing in empty headed rage – the place grew to be a stage.
Her hands were shaking, as she just made a little mistake. She poured tea from the wrong side… and it had made…
The madam was thrown into rage. She pulled out her beating stick and smacked poor girl, like she’d be thrown in a cage. But rather it was for the sake of “Teaching them lesson on how to behave”, raged the Madam on the bloodied stage.
Poor girl eventually was thrown out on the street – in a gutter, it seems place will take.
Next act was a greatly sad one indeed. People poor, people starving and people in need… Dying, killing and making great plague. From heart’s cold, to the infections with great stakes.
The uprising began some survivors of harshest. They took up the need to fight against the atrocities that committed greed.
Fires began, with houses of rich being torn apart, with them being killed in a merciless manner, just like they treated the others, same ladder… That leads to the same sad things.
They harm, those whose harmed take up other whims, taking lives, taking freedom, enraged and in great deficit of needed peace of heart.
Another decade went by. The class became a new divide. Another evil came to rise – the stage needs more of a tragic guise.

Loie Fuller. Mids 1890s

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