“The Murder Art Virus” [short story]

The rapid acceleration of the news that were boasting about the new controversy had spread like plague.
“New murder virus had altered the civilization..”, “The deadly virus that makes us kill”, “Murder virus..” “…Madness Virus…”
“The Murder Art Virus” – said the blog post on the net.
Ava clicked the link to read the article. What had go her by surprise was the first statement:
“After the release of the first experimental virus that triggers the homicidal tendencies in people in overdrive, we’ve found out the mastermind behind its creation – Edward Pray.”
Ava kept reading on – not that was a piece of information that no other platforms had – the actual info about creator of this madness propelling virus.
“Edward Pray studied sciences in the USA, but eventually had made own lab in Europe. He tested the virus on lab rats at start, as he was trying to see if the tendencies for murderous issue was of possibility to be amplified via chemical concoctions. Eventually creating a virus with airborne transmission.
– It took quite some time, but a very odd mixture did the trick. Rats had eventually exhibited the kind of patterns of action that lead to the increase of the craving for the murder. One rat with such infection had killed all other rats in the cage. Just biting them all to death. So I tried to have same thing on the larger animals. Rabbits, dogs, cats – somehow nothing seemed to work.
– So the whole chemical structure had only affected rats?
– Yes, that’s what I thought at first. But it felt like I’m missing out something. So I had an endearing idea. As we all know human trials are not allowed. – Edward let out sigh. – I did the illegal thing. I contacted my friends from different parts of world – asking them if they wanted to try my virus. They all said that it’s a funny and ridiculous thing to test, as such would not work. And I too, thought that it might be another fail. Until I sent them out the injections.
– And you’re friends had taken them without questions of side effects? Other worries?
– They did ask me if there’d be rash, or anything else that would get them into hospital. I did ask them to have someone they trust to be present during this, ehm, trial.
– And then it went…?
– Then it was more than I expected. – Edward smirks. – They injected selves with the virus. And at first, for the first few weeks it was a no-go. Nothing happened, nothing worked. Or so we all thought.
– How did it progress from there?
– I must say that the news don’t typically spread fast. So… As I had twenty people in different countries across the globe, try the thing I made – I was sure that it might not even work. But week three came around and that’s when the show began.
– Show?
– Yes. They had contacted me saying they are having a flu. Maybe that was connected, maybe not. But after they’ve been with slight cough for a bit, with high fever and a few days in bed – that’s when things began accelerating. I’ve lost contact with two of them – eventually finding out in the news that they’ve killed their roommates, neighbors, strangers on a street – before they got apprehended. They’re jailed and exhibit quite the odd temper – they don’t talk, they act like a normal human would. They say that they don’t remember the killings, yet when they see a photo of murder scene – they state all in minuscule details of what happened to the victims.
– How would you explain that?
– I truly feel like it became a virus that affects more and more the “dark” side of people, enabling them to be the sort of serial killer on loose, to those that have enough knowledge, or be the aggressive type, that launches upon the victim in crime of passion, hate or anger.
Ava had stared at the screen.
“That sounds like bunch of bulls…” – She muttered. Yet read on.
“- I always saw this as art. We all like it how the making of codes on the screens of computers is art, or how the painting is art, music is art, dressmaking is art, the manicure, the makeup, the technologies, the architecture, the making of something by hands… But murder is also an art – you also do it by hand, you craft it to victim, you apply the beauty of ruining life or how the scene looks magnificent. Arrangement, placing, time of death to time of discovery… That all too – has feelings in it, like any art-form does. It’s just not widely accepted by the public – that murder is a form of art.
– You see murder as art?
– Yes, Murder Art Virus is what I crafted. It applies to humans. As it does to rats. It mainly accelerates under very peculiar conditions. As that virus can be carried around people who are asymptomatic to it, to spread wider. And it’s not like that can be diagnosed as much, for it shows as a flu at start, then, after another few weeks it comes to change the very core of human, changing the neural patterns.
– And how do you know that?
– Same happened to rats. They too, changed under certain conditions. But are a bit more widespread. To human biology that’d be a bit different, but I’m glad it worked out.
– Are you not afraid you’d be jailed?
– I know that I being sought after. But even if I’ll be brought in – I’m already aware that I’ll be a new lab rat. In case they get me. But right now, that wouldn’t be of your interest, would it?”
The interview finished with the editors note:
“The serial murder cases of Edward Pray are an uproar in the Europe. From the placing of the victims as sculptures, to making paintings on the streets with blood. We managed to acquire his interview by contacting him via anonymous source. For the sake of survival of the interview team – we could not report it to authorities.
But then again – even authorities are struggling to keep safety, as they too – mass kill.”
Ava nodded.
“Indeed, not a single human is safe now…”

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