Do you hear how inside your soul it’s calling?
Can you hear this wailing sound of someone calling?
It’s so loud and yet so very beautiful in each little minuscule pound of proud.
I feel this love, this very sad-sad love for the one I care for, the one I feel sore for.. .
With pain in heart and how the lesser gets to be torn apart…
Will you know the pain that jerks the skin of heart
The one that makes the blood drip on the side of the hand…
You won’t gasp the little loot that’s inside the ones heart…
With cinema being there as a screen to view life on to…
From how it screws the fine lines to how it makes all seem blending in between fines
And you seem to smile everywhere I go
every where I manage to escape to where for
And I feel in my heart “je’taime” and I don’t wanna go on…
Even though it’s supposed to be a life worth
And then with tears and blood
It drips down and henceforth I manage to come forth as “Je’taime”
and I’m alone in this fort
With close to none supporting me anymore
Are you there to see me be gone forever more?
I never thought I could see such evoken emotions before
And then I feel like I’ve been part of this before… Like I stood there chanting along
before I was gone
And I feel alone
I feel gone
Like I should have been a long ago
A looong ago…
Can you feel my pain though?
And silly me, sitting here, cutting my veins again…
Will you ever see me in pain?
And I’d Love to see you once more… And Yet it begs for something more…
And so a little bit, before I’m gone…
Will it ever leave me alone?
Will I ever be cold stone?
Will I ever stop love?


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