“Train” 12.2020 prompts

Road taking on too long, with soft glow of the old film photos, you leave the road for long…
I hear the way strings make old time lingers, the guitar making fun…
You make the way for all time sake, and I do take,
And I do take the sights, the words, the smiles you make…
Can hear the late night music in my ears…
From ways it flows and ways it makes,
From how I breathe and how I roll…
The dawn tomorrow is a row.
It yanks at words I yet to hold
From sights that you behold
To love we held and hold
You finish lines before I do
You get the grip and yet I do
The gist, the feel, the left out you…
the way you make the throb just bleed
And wound go deep and deep and deep
The way my heart profoundly leaps in joy and dies in end
The way your soul consumes the land
The starving of the restless fades
As time goes on, as time evades
You think you know the world at hand
And you evade the the restless band
And so it ends in hurt and spite
I like you as you are, your might
I hate your ways and ways you side
I can’t consume any of such
Please go,
Diminish, go untouched…
Yet please be ruined, please be hurt
I’d love to see how you get dirt
How you do self, how you do others,
I’d love to see how relish matters
Yes, I do words, as I do ways
And cats consume of what where stays
With future being so uptight
And my own matters highly light…
It’s hard for heart to bare the ways, the rays, the pain and days
It’s hard to keep on going sometimes…
Yet my will being un-shed sometimes…
With dire wish to hold the snake skin, to be the kin on unyielding whim
And I really wish, although I worry fully
That you’ll be good, that pain won’t hurt truly…


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