“Cathedral” [1]

…piano music playing, keyboards reciting a lonely melody…

“There’s a legend about this Cathedral…” – A ghostly voice calls out to reader.

…piano melody softly playing…

“That if you sing a song known in tale, as you pass Cathedral by – you might be asked to give 5 ro.”

…melody playing…

“It’s told that if someone is out the window, asking you for these 5 ro – give them.”

…keyboards reciting the melody…

“It might not be much of worth to you. But that might save another soul. Those 5 ro.”

…piano keeps playing into the distance…

Running against the puddles, splashing sounds. She’s out the breath, gasping as she turns around seeking for that couple that gave her 5 ro, but they’re nowhere to be seen.

Then she stops, as if nailed to the old rocky pavement. Suddenly she falls to the ground.

Her face in utter terror.

“Whaaaaa!!!” – She screams out loud, tears running down her cheeks. She clutches her body, as she weeps.

The memories come back flooding and realization hits her hard. Though she just escaped hell, she is no longer among living.

Rain falls down. The pitter-patter of the drops hit the pavement. The town seems at its pace. Late evening in summer.

The piano melody keeps on playing.

*Authors note – “ro” is a type currency in this story. “5 ro” are a bill by the size of 5 british pounds, but of thinner paper.

. . .

Sun was shining and the birds were singing.

The chance of the lifetime had struck her to be able to come to the city area slightly 30 minutes from the town centre. Town by the name of Rene.

The hub for few great outstanding universities and establishments which provide the top education and information. The knowledge and the teachers of magistrate are the best possible in the world.

The magister she pleaded to teach her was the most notorious and least likely candidate in the magistrate world. The human who says “no” to more than 97% of applicants who wish to study under him – magister Levin.

He had a preference to be called by name, as his surname was hard to pronounce to all who came to try and do so. He was over 50 years of age, with slight curve in his back – as his endless writing desk work is all he tends to.

The thinning hair, the suit that lost its original colour, the briefcase and the peculiar type of face. The kind of face that gives you cold shiver down the spine, as the sense of uneasiness sweeps over you.

“Ah! Aya! There you are!” – Levin exclaimed being unusually jolly, as he walked towards his new student.

“I have made preparations, so we better haste to be in time.” – Levin took the suitcase Aya had with her.

Short walk to the parking lot and an old car reminding beetle was there to greet the owner and one more passenger.

The trip to the dormitory was quite interesting. Levin gave the info on the type of special deal he negotiated with the dorm for Aya, as her main work and study will be accompanying Levin most of the time – therefore the time schedule was not even. Mainly from early morning to late in the night.

The studies consisted in helping and observing how Levin teaches his classes in cademy, helping him prepare for the classes, then go along to the research facility for the magisters and keep being alongside whilst the research and the writing is being conducted.

Main speciality of Levin was the study of the historical myths and legends that were brought up in the area of the country with highest density of the academies and religious places created.

Well, his long research paper on the “Cathedral of the St.Laroix” was the biggest research done about that place. Even the historians were not aware of some information he dug out about the place.

As they approached dorms, Levin made sure to keep in check everything. He seemed to be the control insistent type of person – as he needed for all to be under his control.

Bringing luggage upstairs, then introductions with the dorm master. Levin then hurried Aya to come, as they were about to be late for the lunch in the academy restaurant.

The high pace was way too unusual for Aya, not to mention – not expected from such person as Levin.

Once at the table and waiting for the orders – Levin began to chat again.

He shyly brushed the side of his hair back, then looked aside as he spoke:

“This is a first time in a long time that I’m this excited and nervous, actually.”

He cleared his throat, as he checked that Aya paid all the attention to him. He smiled awkwardly.

“Ahaha! Sorry to imply so much at the very beginning. Aya dear, this is my first time in 8 years that I took another student. And by all your credentials – you are the perfect candidate to study under my wing.”

Aya smiled, as she made herself. The talk reminded of the awkward chat you get during the marriage negotiations when your parents put you with someone randomly.

“It’s a great privilege to be in your graces and have this opportunity to study under your supervision. That’s a dream-come-true!” – Calm and happy tone in which Aya said that got Levin beaming.

The next was seemingly going well.

After the lunch Levin showed academy grounds and lead Aya to see the magistrates research facility.

The old building looked like a very shabby made library. The old doors with the leather looking piece of cover over it, the entrance hall was that of very vintage movies.

The table right across from the entrance, with a massive vase on it and very peculiar stems of flowers in there.

“Look,” – Levin smiled proudly, – “I maintain this island of perfection in here.” – He pointed at the flowers. – “I bring here my dear flowers that take time to dry out in the most exceptional way. This are the only flowers that can be part dead and part alive for a long time.”

Aya smiled, as she felt the gaze of her mentor. Another look at the flowers – they were those odd things you see in some horror movies. Seems like they’ll almost fall apart, as they collect dust.

Further into the corridor was a huge opening that was with the staircase upwards, the shelves of endless books around and few rooms used for teachers lounge and the working rooms.

The introduction to the Levins friend at the table near the entrance to the library was short. Although it seemed like this person knew a lot about Levin.

“Fillip, this is my student. We’ll go check the library.” – Levin gestured at Aya, then as if hurriedly tried to go to library.

“My great pleasure!” – Gentleman in his 40’s stood up, looking more of a human that interacts with others. The casual jeans and sweater were of fine brands, maintained at high standard. Fillip stretched his hand to Aya, she took it in handshake.

“Hope all will go well. Levin sure looks like he’s enjoying it a lot. He even wears his best suit. Ha-ha!” – Fillip smiled, but that remark and the way his eyes were not showing any emotion were a bit bothersome to Aya.

The thanks were short and the library tour concluded in about an hour.

Then Levin had a call and he apologetically looking went to teach the class.

Days seemed to take a bit of interesting colours. Slowly.

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