“Morning Love in Purple” [short story]

Heart banging on the door, the hazed hart out the room
She’s leaving all behind, besides the recent tunnel
With strings attached, with call in soul
She’s out detached, yet being more

With more than morning sun in sight
With her in burning happy bright
And lessons learned
And pulse increased

She’s down to go in ways dismissed…
I know how morning in the air had made her all get up and stare at my old mug, as she got ready. I mean I’m all good looking for this lady. I’m in my thirties, all good wealth, good looks, good prosperous dealt.
She’s hot in ways I cannot comprehend. She’s gray in hair, yet wit with endless stand. She’s picking on me every little more, yet I cannot get enough of her little fort… I really do enjoy just waking next to her. No sex, no pervert thoughts, just being there for her.
A gem, a great demeanour, the character of worth, can’t leave her…
I know I’m bound to be with her. Whichever way it plays out from what worth.
I’m with you, darling my, I serve you. I’ll give my all to be a part of world that makes you shine, I’ll be there when you crave for love or cry.
I’ll summon anything your heart desires, just stay along, as I admire your greatly wonderful creations in the way that nations see as art – the writing of divine godart… I love you in the lights of morning sun…

I see my days as something simple, creative and along the lines of whimple… If one can say a word that goes so.
I see you being part of mornings, days with me.
You are my love.
My morning love in purple tee.
I love you honey.
Be with me.


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