“Magnolia, the warmth in company” [short story]

Sitting outside in the warmth of summer, in the daze of evening, in the beauty of love.
Enjoying the drinks that came with slight worth, yet sort of like present, like whisper of…
Your shoulder to lean on, and stories we share… From life in the now to what we’ll build in the fair coming future. Together. Holding hands and with faith, love and meaning to change life for better and better, for all it’s worth.
You giggle, I smile, I cannot hold the laughter. You truly simply shine, and there’s much we both offer.
The touch on the cheek and the look in the eyes.
“That’s right, I found you. We were meant to be fine.”
Then the soft feathered kiss, as your lips touch upon mine. This I won’t mind to miss, as I work, time-to-time.
But as long as I’m home and you open that door, you walk in and say “I’m back. I need hug.” – I’ll make sure to get you in my embrace wrap.
Dinner, sleep next to you and a radio in the morning… That’s a thought, maybe few… But we’re both really something.
It’s a sure lovely thing – with a thread so connected. Through the miles, thick and thin – and we’re sort of selected. By a chance, by a moment, by each other and faith. Brought together to grow, bask in love and to show – how the great finest couples make some dreams come to shore.
I am with you. As you are with me.
Right now in the late evening, with the sun setting down…
“I looked for you. Do you believe me?”
“And finally you found.”


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