“Behind those doors..” [short story]

“Behind those doors lies the world of wonder.” – Thy thought, as hands are tied and feet seem to reside in slumber.
“There lies the world of fairy tales and magic.” – Thy spoke, as the marrow of what said is fought.
The world beyond was thought to be this way, and fought for, as the miracles that stay can make more wonder in the sense of unbound feet. With great small level of the beauty and some marvel in the bounty, that comes from sailing to the worlds beyond the porch.
Some walk in paths that’s paved in brick, some go in ways that’s flooded with a grass knee deep. The wonders stretch beyond ones mere imagination.
“But I am here, stuck in a chair, with eyes that wonder through the garden, that is the great vast world beyond the door.” – Thy placed the hand on handle, as ready to open the door.
And fear is then moving the limbs, as jitters come, struggle in veins and fear that grows cold… Then turned is the knob, the breath taken sharply, it’s really new world and ways that have more keys.
The step taken out is greatly like leap – into the unknown – into the deep.
It’s always that moment, when faith is beyond you. When horrors are told inside head to keep hold of you. But conquered is mind, as the future is bright and the new and upcoming adventures are coming. Take that step, take a leap of faith – it’s worth something.

Photo by – https://boohwanj.tumblr.com/

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