“.Dinner.” [short story]

With the calm in the room and the new flower tree set – it got even more magical.
You’ve made sure to go and push “reset”, when the world went into crazy mode.
“It is little things” – you made sure to remind, as we’d sit with the dinner, forks and spoons in hands, as we enjoy the company.
“I’ve been asked to play new role.” – You let out, as a matter of factly.
“Sounds great. What’s the role?” – I smile at you gladly.
“A prince.” – You reply, as you cut your steak.
“Oh sweetie… They cannot get enough of your fantastic looks and that prince feel about you. But is it a nice prince or the evil kind?” – Fork with meat and salad go in my mouth after.
“It seems to be the kind that seems evil, yet is a nice guy.” – You check my eyes out, to see if I’d be frustrated in any way.
With this man being the great actor – I’m not fazed with anger or jealousy that easily. I know that he is a man of integrity.
“Want to go with me to check the set tomorrow?” – He smiles softly.
“Sure. I’d like to know how my dear husband will look around all those fancy surroundings.” – I laugh.
“I’d just wish for you to be a part of it, so I can imagine you there as well.” – He looks me in the eyes.
I smile in return, he’s cheeky. Romantic little moments like these just make me jolly inside.

Photo by https://boohwanj.tumblr.com/

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