“.in moment.” [short story.dream edition]

Heart was thumping in my ears. I do understand that it was pre-planned, but it was a bit too much for me in a way.
It’s a top establishment for those who make money in ways that don’t seem right to many, as well as are called shady. But here we are, executing plan to get information.
Oh how I wished for that to be exactly that…

As planned – restaurant floor was with the people in separate box spots enjoying their lavish time with ladies and gents. The dancers that were arranged came out on the floor to perform.
We sat at the closest table to the performers, as well as the nearest to the passage towards the kitchen and staff rooms.
“Hey.” – I turned to look at him next to me.
And it does pain to say that he’s handsome to bits. The suiting works so well on him all the time it’s seductively messing my heart beat.
“What?” – He replies with his face devoid of emotion, as he begins touching my tight upwards.
I smack his hand off.
“Who said you could do that?” – I feel the anger, yet pink comes to cheeks. Flushing.
“Huh?” – He turns to me, then away. Hands try to grab my tight – I push him away.
Now we’re seeing eye to eye, as he pulled me close with his left hand. His tight body is messing with me.
He pulls down his tie, unbuttoning the top.
“Huh.” – His face comes closer. – “I could use you. Play along.”
My face becomes buried in nape of his neck, so it would be less visible to others. He pulls me out, near the dancers, as he enacts a visual performance, like he’s fingering me. And I do play along like he’s getting me.

I could feel his hand below me, as he does touch my inner tight, and it does mess with me. I moan in embarrassment and pretend that I’ve slumped on him, like I’d pass out from coming.
This whole thing attracts a lot of eyes on us, could hear murmur behind, but then I feel him making gesture with hand to others. Then he picks me up and takes along to the side passage, that’s when I walk on own feet and we redirect towards the entrance down to the kitchen.
But seeing him tightening belt back got me hot in own clothes.

It was supposed to be just business… Yet it just went somewhere else.

photo from : http://www.bocadolobo.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/the-ultimate-guide-to-maison-et-objet-2018/

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