“.walk home.” [short story.dream edition]

Yes, I did walk out that shop, as I told them about the clothing being purchased from Turkey and the designs being not entirely great. That did cause the ladies some annoyance, as they were not fully aware of who I was.
Although it felt like a win, the moment, when I saw you at the entrance, as you waited for me.
Then we both walked out. That did cause a stir. You are, after all, pretty darn famous.
“So, do you wish to go get some food, or maybe home delivery?” – You let out, as we walk side by side.
“Hmm, I think we should go get the pastry from bakery first, then go home.” – I look at him, – “I’m sorry. Was too busy to make anything, so home delivery it is.”
Instead of answer, you just gave me a hug. Ah, that made me smile.
“You left that worry aside with all those fans taking photos and all?” – I softly spoke.
You hugged me tighter.
“I don’t care. As long as I have you.”
“What a brazen kid.” – I remark with soft laugh, then smile at your face, as I pull you to keep walking.
You pout, but take my hand, as we keep going back…

photo from : https://greatruns.com/seoul-forest/

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