[Dream Edition] category explained

Hey there!

Decided to give some explanations to this new thing – [short stories.dream edition] – posts.
Typically most short stories are coming from my imagination, yet there are published stories that are based on my dreams.
Might sound awkward, but yes – some of the stories I write – I dreamed them. Literally being one of the characters, or switching abouts from one to another.
That’s how the “Cathedral” came to be – I dreamed it.

But since I decided to keep track of own gritty things of dreams… Which I dearly remember well in all the details… Surroundings are all remembered – colours, clarity, smells, touch… One thing I do not really remember – the faces of people. Although, that does not apply to anything and all that’s either resembling animal, or is straight out of a horror movie – then that stuff tends to be remembered well. (If you wanna know more – just ask. I don’t fret at replying how pretty or gruesome the dreams can get.)

But yeah, to keep track of what I do in dreams, or the adventures I have in those – I began the [dream edition].
So if the stories from this category seem like a mess – well, you Are reading someones recollection of a dream. It typically is a bit messy from changing of scenes.

So, once again – many thanks for reading my writing, my stories and dreams!

Wishing you a good day/evening/night! ❤

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