“.metal cage and magic.”[short story.dream edition]

This was one large and spacious, crammed with odds and clothes, mansion. It was only one floor – but the high ceilings and the stacks of items around the rooms – was making it incredibly messy, dusty environment.
I just woke up here. In the room. Sun is bright and caresses the air in the rooms.
Walking around – it seems like all rooms are connected. Each having doors from one to another. Endlessly. Seamlessly. And every room – stacked with boxes, books, old chairs, furniture, clothes in messy piles, dried flowers in vases and alive flowers in vases. And there were people around.
You could just know that there were few people walking around. You heard them, you sensed them. There was a chatter audible, so it was not imagination messing with you.
It felt like all was made to be moving. Like, the residents were packing up to move somewhere else. But that felt like the whole lot of the items was genuinely just pushed around from room to room.

“Ah, door…” – I felt like I could get out. But no… Obstacles of boxes and whatnot.
There were few people passing through, from room to room. Like they were getting ready for something. And there was this one person I just had to speak to one-to-one, but the people just kept messing around for us to not be left alone at all.
Oh how that was frustrating.
Eventually I managed to grab you by the hand and pull aside. You felt like a man, yet just an overgrown child. You had a lolly in your mouth. Yet I sensed that I cared for you.
The ladies of the house began ranting that it’s inappropriate to be left alone with you. But I began casting my weakened magic to make a wall in between us. But wall was no more than heavy doors or a heavy curtains. So they seemed to come in through.
You managed to find an open window. And we crawled out from it. Out to the side ladder, up to the something that should have been roof…
We were surrounded by the large industrial machinery, a cage out of all that, all surrounding and around the mansion. Like a cage, which kept the birds in.
But more eerie, more pressing. It was scary by the gigantic sizes of it.

We managed to get out.
But then we fell into trap and into the basement. Some cells with the iron bars below. You just sat idly, but I was out to find the door. The keepers arrived.
And I managed to pick a fight with the one that’s in charge of the place. And… Our fight felt like a dance. It was… It felt romantic even.

They helped us to the outside premises – to the research facility that’s next to the mansion. A lab with more than 5-6 levels below the earth – hosting creatures of old and magic that’s yet to be understood.
First two levels – were people partying. It was the endless club life that brewed in there.
I found the two people who went with me to the elevator. We descended to the lowest level.
“Is that what you seek for?” – She had asked, as she picked up the fruit from one of the lab gurneys.
“Yes” – I replied, as I got it in my hands and squeezed the liquid out of it – drinking all.
The gurney next was a host of a snail. The piece of magic was connected to it through fruit. Yes. They had stolen my magic and kept it in such a filthy manner.

And then we had to run. We were pursued by the entities that were of legal matter, that were guarding the place. And I’ve pulled this young man, a partner in crime with me.
“Don’t worry. I got my magic back. It’s alright now.” – I said to him with a smile, as he was freaking out slowly.
We got out, to the ground and I saw the cage and the mansion before me.
“Down!” – I growled out the command and the ceiling flopped down to the floor with a pressure. Just walls stood now.
You freaked out, pulling my hand back.
“I won’t go.” – You said with regret.
The bard of the cage were in front of us. Just open and we have to pass to the other end to get out from this madness land.
But you became little and scared, I’ve pulled you by hand, as you seemed to cry in a bit.
Sure. It was just little of what my magic did.
I smirked.
“Just wait ’till I show you my wings.” – I said quietly.
The look of the blood numbing fear in your face… I let go of your hand.
What disgrace.

photo by : /https://boohwanj.tumblr.com/

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