“.maroon book.” [short story]

“Did you hear the rumour?” – The whisper of a student in the corner was faint, as she addressed another girl.
The other just shook head.
“They say that by the time we are about to graduate… We won’t be able to leave.” – The face of a concerned teen was trying to find comfort in her friend.
Once again – shaking head in reply.
The rest of the lesson continued in silence.

The rooms were filled with sunset orange light from windows. The beauty of the room and the loneliness it possessed were immense.
She stood in the class. Next to her desk. Her eyes tracing the other places one by one, eventually reaching the middle front – teachers desk.
“Maybe… Maybe I should check…” – She thought to self, as she slowly made way towards it. Her light steps made no echo, no sound. Like they never existed – the sound in this room.

She traced the top with her finger. Yet just table – nothing more than plain empty table top. But there were few drawers.
She squatted next, then pulled the drawer one by one – just to understand that they’re locked.
Her gaze went down.
“But how did they open it?” – She thought.

The silence in the room was so dense, she was listening to own breath. The breeze from the window was absolutely dull. The soundless vacuum sucked the sounds out from here.

She stepped away from the desk, sitting in the corner, on the floor, by the window. She leaned her head on the wall, as she observed the curtains rise and fall from the breeze.
The sounds were still limited to only her breath.

“Maybe we will be absorbed by the school. Dissolving into the silence it bears…” – She thought.
“…becoming the force that keeps it alive during night, when it cannot feed from those who come here for lessons.” – She whispered.
Her whisper, her voice… She could not hear it.
“Ah… So that’s what it’s like.” – She smiled thinking that.

Stacks of books on the shelves on the other side of the classroom were with a bit of dust. The wear of the covers was obvious to the naked eye.
There were books of literature from different cultures and different times. One did stand out. With it’s maroon old cover.
This book had no name. Just the maroon textile cover. It was thick, pages were old and towards end seemed newer… With a soft yellow gradient – from front to back.

The book contained as follows:
Name, Last name
Date of Enrolment
Date of swallowing the last Scar
Date of leaving the Love behind
Date of being absorbed by Silence
Date of Acceptance
Date of Death
Cause of Death

Last entry as follows:
Elenor Tracy
Date of Enrolment : May 3, 1987
Date of swallowing the last Scar: June 19, 1987
Date of leaving the Love behind: July 8, 1987
Date of being absorbed by Silence: August 23, 1987
Date of Acceptance: August 29, 1987
Date of Death: August 31, 1987
Cause of Death: Poisoning by a Teacher, due to his sexual cravings

“So that’s the face you wore..” – Valery said, as she saw the young girl in a classroom.
The girl was strangled, with her skin in colour of blueberries. The girl then was tied upside down. Teacher was old and chubby. He pulled down his pants, taking up that piece of meat of his in hand, as it stood as a rod. He came closer, lining himself up with the girls vagina and rammed his meat in. He was going at it and going, huffing and puffing from excitement and satisfaction. He went on until he felt his fill.
“And that’s how it was miserable…” – Valery let out a sigh, as she watched it all.
“He’s gruesome, you know.” – Elenor sighed. – “I was not the only one. There were seventeen of us. He did manage to bury us all in the forest behind.”
“Ah, right. What a fellow.” – Valery turned to see ghost of Elenor standing. – “Wanna make him squeal like a pig and get eaten by the maggots of darkness?”
Elenor took a moment to look around, then gave a nod.
“That would indeed give satisfaction to us all.” – Elenor spoke.
Valery smiled.
“Your wish shall be granted.” – She said.

Valery got up from her corner, as she made way to the exit. The book gave her choice – join the cursed or avenge and rejoice.
“Ah, there’s more to go, is it not?” – Valery had her finger tracing the wall of the hall, as she went to the outside.
“I need to make sure school is where he dies.” – She smiled, as she passed the gates of the school. Outside to the town.

The roads were dull, the houses too. The town was overgrown with ivy and grass. It were few decades since anyone lived here.
Even animals were being cautious and avoiding the place.

“The cure could be the book… Or?” – Valery went on to the house she picked to stay in. – “Nah, not that. It’s a game. A cool trap. Shall have to do the cleansing of that evil thing. I guess Elenor will not really wanna face me, if I pull her the bones of that twat. He’s just suffering his nightmare in that basement.”

Valery walked to the old brick building. The front was covered in the dried flowers. Only the few pots of rosemary were alive and green.
She walked in through the front door. Inside – a large hall, sitting, kitchen, few bedrooms and bathrooms. Three cats came to greet her.
“Oh, sure sure. I am home. Missed me?” – She pet all three, as she wade way to the kitchen.
“I’m bored.” – Mewled the cat. His black furr was long, making him greatly fluffy.
“What’s for dinner, mum?” – The white fluffy cat jumped on the chair.
“Any developments?” – The stripy cat cat and looked at Valery.
“Nothing much.” – Valery replied, as she poured the water in kettle and put it on stove to boil. – “The book in school and vengeful spirits. I mean, I get her rage. If that guy would be alive – she’d kill him more than few hundred times. Ah right!” – Valery looked at the cats. – “Maybe I should open a bridge and let them go to that twat? But he’s in a small basement. He’s forever alive and dead, eaten by maggots of hell. Ehh..”
Cats walked around.
“It’s tiresome to not be able to move around.” – Said the black cat.
“Well, sweet darlin’, it’s not my fault you’re all…” – Valery almost had a slip of a tongue. – “So cheeky. You might be like, on rampage once out and make mess all around.”

Valery was alright with staying with these cats. The trio was an abandoned type. Their owner, like them, also died. That was the last person to die in the day. When chemical plant exploded away. The chemicals ate away the people, pets, animals… First – into the skin-infected, sick and tired creatures, then it went to peel and burn, then well… Who managed to kill selves or… Allow death take turn.
It was a sad story.
A place was so gruesome it took years, and really – years, to grow anything around it, in it… The animals still tend to avoid being here.

But then… Valery… She forgot how she came here. Truth be told – she was not sure if she was alive. She had a reflection, she had no recollection if she indeed die, but she wandered around and studied the houses. The remnants of secrets, the history, the bits that were in existence long ago.
She’d feel the touch of the wood, as she stood on the floor, or feeling of breeze, or water on skin. But sometimes, just sometimes – she’d not hear a thing.

Photo credit to the owner. (could not find where from)

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