“.Grand Hall.” [short story]

Songs have been played in the great halls of the manor.
The chorus in the great hall has been doing the work greater than ever.
Prince was sick. Eyes wrapped in cloth, hands hidden by leather gloves, the outfit was covering most of him. Shoes leather, with no heel. Which was unusual.
The dark hair stuck to forehead, the rest were down the shoulders.
He was exhausted. Purely with no wind in him to go and commence any duties. War had squeezed the life out of him.
Priests had prayed, as chorus sang, as music was playing. The holy texts were flowing through the open halls, through the spaces in between the maids and guards… Through the ears of Prince.
The Grand Master came over and tapped the prince on the shoulder twice, then proceeded to lean in and whisper in his ear: “The news arrived. Your father died. Please, take notice. You need to prepare to be new King.” Then Master walked off.
Music and singing kept on. Hours later, they’ve been gone. The silence had resided in the premises. The only person left was prince atop the throne, just where he sat all the while.
The rumbling of lightning and thunder came by. Patter of rain drops was heavily felt on the roof. The sound echoed the rooms and halls.

A voice of a lady singing had moved the silence. It was playing along with the rain. Entwining.
Prince raised his hand to his face, pulling down the cloth that covered eyes. It was dark. It was the night.
His eyes wandered around the Grand hall. It was empty.
No candle light, just blue dim light from outside in. The moon was partially covered in the clouds. Rain kept falling.
The body heavy, the feet were numb. He picked self up, as he held on to the sides of the throne. It was hard to get up.
“Your Majesty…” – A voice spoke to him.
Princes head looked up to see the entry to the hall in front of him. There was a young man.
“You should go sleep…” – The man said.
Prince got up fully and made few painstaking steps from the throne towards the man.
“How dare you tell me that, when you’re the one not letting me sleep… Insolent demon.” – Prince tiredly replied.
“Ahaha! You just don’t want to succumb, do you? What foolish man.” – The youngster spoke.
Prince just let out a sigh, his feet heavy, as he made step after step.
“You do understand that the only one keeping you here is you.” – The youngster paced around the dark hall. – “What IS keeping you here, you old soul? What made you so attached to this place?”
Prince stopped. He crouched down to pick a necklace that fell off someone. He held it in hand, as he got up again.

“Is that remorse? Is it pain? Regret? Wish to do something different in that moment?” – The man paced around, as he kept talking.
“It’s piece of myself, that was stolen.” – Prince let out.
“Ah, so it’s love.” – The man approached the Prince.
Mans white hair shone in the dark, like silver, the robe he wore was also light in colours. Face so handsome and so charming, eyes magically drawing one to them. He felt like angel, yet he was indeed, the most cold hearted demon in this realm.
“You humans do not change… Do you?” – He spoke, his white lashes and grey eyes observing the Prince. – “Have you no self respect? Keeping this little thing ongoing for so many centuries. You sure have no peace.”
Prince turned to face the demon.
“I have no right to be changing, if there is no her beside me to change for.” – Prince let out.
Demon sighed, then turned to wander the hall. His steps light.
“You forget that she might be reborn, or that you had a chance to see her again… And yet you stubbornly cannot let go of this little speck of memory embedded in your stubborn head.” – Demon spoke.
“Reborn? How can I have the right to be reborn and meet her? Am I not in hell?” – Prince spoke tiredly.
“No.” – Demon let out. – “This is no hell. And I have said this to you times and times before and most likely will say times and times again. Until you yourself will remember that.”
“Is this my punishment?” – Prince held up the necklace and looked at it.
“No. This is the punishment you chose to be here for. But there was not punishment for you to begin with. The atonement was granted many decades ago.” – Demon went up to sit on the throne.
Prince was silent.
“Just when are you going to admit that you love staying here?” – Demon looked down on the Prince.
Prince had turned to face Demon. And with those grey eyes watching him, he felt little, yet so… so… so much…
In love.
“Alright… Enough with your silly charades.” – Demon says, elbow on the side of a throne and he places head on his hand. – “Why do you so eagerly take up this space?”
Prince walked, painstakingly to the throne, he sat next to demon, placing his head on the knees of the light robes.
“I don’t wish to be left without you.” – Prince says. – “How can I? After the moment when I saw you during that mourning day, as you stood in the crowd, watching me, with your charm and your beauty. You left the necklace, as you vanished in thin air. And taking my own life is what got me to see you here.”
“You sure are one fool of obsessed creature.” – Demon let out, as he placed his free hand on Princes head. – “You sure are very entertaining to me. Just so eager to get my attention.”
“I love you… Loved and will keep loving you.” – Prince spoke.
“Sorry dear, but I’ll have to kick your soul out of here.” – Demon smiled.
Prince turned to face Demon with a shock on his face, he shook head.
“No, please, no…” – Muttered Prince, pleading Demon.
Demon got up and looked down on the Prince.
“Don’t worry. You’ll find your peace.” – Then soul was like snow – fleeting moment of twirl and was gone.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you fall once more for me. Like so many times before.”

The orchestra played the melody.
The halls were filled with great music. The concert was one of the greatest in years.
The Grand hall was packed with people that came to listen to the finest music.

In the halls, a man was walking with his wine glass, watching the chandeliers below ceiling, with large windows stretching up and so much space that was grande. He paced, feeling a sense of nostalgia, yet could not gasp where from.
The dark hair were styled well and the suit was tailored. He drank his wine, as he tried to remember – where does the feeling come from. This sense of…
“Mind if I tag along?” – A young man appeared beside him, with silver toned hair, grey eyes, that seemed to be contacts…
“Ah, sure…” – The man let out, as he held onto glass stronger.
“The music seems to be known for some reason…” – Light hair glistened, as he walked.
“Ah, yes. It’s supposed to be ‘Agnus Dei’.” – Wine glass was brought to lips.
“Don’t worry, you’ll come back again…” – The light haired let out.
“What?” – The man in a suit turned to face the light haired man. He was gone. A necklace was in his place.
He knelt to pick up the necklace…

“You sure are a fool for coming back to me every single time.” – The Devil smiled, as Prince walked into the Grand Hall.
Prince walked to the Demon sitting on the throne.
“I’d never forget you.” – Prince knelt before Demon.

Photo by : https://boohwanj.tumblr.com/

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