“.besties.the rubbed off calling.” [short story]

“There are the ones who hold the cards and crystals, as well as are aware and can remember.” – She staked the deck on top of deck.
I sighed.
“And where the heck in there do I fall?” – I look at her with eyebrow raised.
“You’re the arbiter. A witch. Also the one to help, yet the one that takes quite the payment for the work.” – She said without turning to face me.
I look down on all the pendants, all the charms, candles, herbs and more, that she brought with her.
“Not gonna lie. I’m still confused.” – I tapped the bottle with herbs. Seems like petals of hibiscus. – “And what’s the great plan?”
She went to the box to grab and pull out another something. She opened the small box and handled me a pendant on a chain.
“You better be asking questions to it.” – She looked at me like a nagging mother.
I took the pendant in hand.
“What’s it called?” – I ask.
“What is?” – She goes back to setting up her altar.
“The stone.” – I let out.
“Oh, that one’s a rhodonite. It seems like the type to actually be good to get you started.” – She replied, as she put he statue from quartz.

“So, we’re going out to explore the forest.” – I let out, as we’re walking past trees, shrubs and on a path that we’re making along as we go.
“Yes. I need some moss.” – She went on, as she kept watch to her surroundings to find that one specific moss.
“Did you check if we have it in our region at all?” – I spoke, as I almost fell on top of an old tree.
“Yup. It’s here alright.” – She replied. – “Just had a bit of a telling from guides that I have to walk on this way.”
I let out a sigh and went on following.
Sure enough, around five more minutes of walking and we reach one large old tree with moss growing all over it.
“Found ya!” – She exclaimed happily.

There’s a tea pot in front, with a bag of herbs in it – brewing.
“And this will help from feeling cold. Even kills the flu.” – I look at her.
She nods, with absolute certainty.
“Also heals and helps with grounding.” – She looked me in the eye. – “You better be ready for some good changes that come.”

“I found a dead, dried frog.” – I said, as I walked in, handing her a paper bag.
“Ah! So sweet of you!” – She exclaimed, as she took the bag, checked the contents and went to the back room.
I stood for a moment, recollecting self, then went following her.
“I’ll make you some tea.” – She said.
“I’m kind of feeling tired, as well as…” – I begin.
She looks at me, nodding.
“I have the ringing in my ears. Both ears. Periodically, but more often, than one would scientifically need. And those vivid dreams…” – I sigh.
“Aww, sweetie, you’re also getting called and are awakening. It’s alright. Meditate, relax more, more tea and walks in nature. As a starter.” – She brings me the tea.

“I’ve made protection jars.” – I let out, as we’re having tea with biscuits. She looks at me, narrowing eyes.
“Did you cleanse space?” – She asks.
“Uhum.” – I nod.
“Did you get that salt and self in the needed place, before doing the work?”
“You spoke to ingredients, for them to know what to do?”
She gave a nod, as she had her tea.
“Mmm, this witch is growing.”

“Um, there’s a thing.” – I say, as I hold the phone to my ear, as we speak.
“What thing?” – She says on the other end.
“I ki-inda got a few cats.” – I let out.
“How many are ‘few’?” – Her curiosity is felt here.
“Um, like… Three.” – I say, as I watch the three rascals around my house.
“Oh honey, that’s fantastic! I’m coming over to see them! Want me to buy some cat snacks? How old are they? Kittens? Should I get wine and snacks for us? Oooh goodie!” – She went on.

“I’m actually happy.” – I say, as we sit on a porch of my home.
“I knew you’d admit that.” – She laughs.
“And I mean with you around and us and just all… Happy.”
“Me too, honey, me too.”
“We should plan out that summer solstice ritual.”
“Got it covered, babe.”
I look at her, as she makes face at me.
“Yeah, I got it covered. You better be ready for that good soak in lake naked. Ehehe.” – She says.
I make face at her.
“You sure have it covered. We’ll be mooning someone under moon. Not bad at all.”

Photography by : https://yasu19-67.tumblr.com/

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