“.a note.i’m looking forward to meeting you.” [short story.dream edition]

I mean… I’ve been eager to see you for a while. With glimpses here and there and then…
Such jolly, peaceful and happy feeling… Absolutely mesmerised by you.
Simply mesmerised.

Also, if you do come across this piece of writing – well, I’m not sorry, and even if I can be embarrassed about it a bit, you can read it to me later in life and poke with things that I penned down. (You’ll deal with my beet red face and occasional glare, if you do. So that’s up to you.)

Did you know I’m your spiritual stalker? But… Sheer idea of you being the one to find me (and that means I cannot do squat about it, just wait for you) kinda does get me a bit in the corner of “I’ll wait, it’s okay. I can manage.”, as long as I’ll have you all to myself later on. No-o worries.

The places that we meet are genuinely interesting… Might be because you’re younger… Or because I’m the one to be “oh, that looks interesting” person, to drag you along somewhere to cafe/bar or the bbq. (I am not even sorry for it)

Although I’m sure that the space in the house is to be enjoyed.
It’s spacious. It is. And come on, with a bit for the BBQ space outside – you’ll enjoy that sitting outside as much as I will, when the beer and soju are gonna roll.

I’ve been tired lately, but in a way that lets me have a time to breathe, to let go and let things sink in. Or maybe have the universe do it’s magic.
I know that you’ve been through that patch of hard things. With the family on your case and the work being there like an endless cycle. Had a feeling you’ve not yet gotten there, but you’re slowly reaching there. Yes, you know what I mean.

The sights of summer and the way we meet… I mean, we’re quite the duo. And hell, with what I sense – I’d pull you up from anywhere. Just like you would do same for me.
Us getting drunk during some events, that somehow are work-wise, yet in places greatly club-like. But we do manage to get in each others space and be all like “Yeah, but I wanna know!” – towards each other. And it IS funny. It’s funny how we both find it funny, yet we don’t wish to leave each others company.

You’re with few earrings. And that cross one does not leave my head. Dark hair and a hat or a cap – so that it goes well with baggy clothes, coz you hide from those who can recognise you. Yeah, your job makes you do that.
And I don’t mind that at all… As it’s always a giggle from me, when you pick me up, after I had drinks with girls.
Mind you – that makes me overjoyed.

Also, your breakfasts are absolutely a game changer for me. You evil being! You actually made me love breakfasts. And I’ve nothing but thanks and love for that, because those breakfasts I live for.
Waking up with you is also a thing… I mean, I do enjoy that a lot. And hugs, seriously, how do you know how to manage me in ways even I don’t know how to manage me. You surprise me.

If I could say to you anything right now, in this moment… It would be…
“I’m here. I love you. You’ve got this. I know you’ve managed through all that and this right now – this is also one of them pebbles that you conquer. I love your hugs, as I’m sending my hugs and care to you. I look forward to meeting you. Whilst I’m already beside you. I love you.”

Photo from : https://thirty-fives.tumblr.com/

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