“.got an excuse.” [short story.dream edition]

The whole thing was a mess. We’ve been set out to scout the outside, but just the sight of the two metre long rabbit skins along with few bulky men in white aprons stained with blood did come to be quite the mundane, tiresome thing.
“Where did these bastards appear from?” – I asked, as I stopped one gent, who in his elbow long gloves moved a pile of rabbit meat.
“The area below.” – He stopped to point me in general direction.
“Thanks.” – I dropped, with him getting back to work.
Well, gotta do my job.
So I went to scout the area.

And the bloody whole system had gone mad. It did not change the seasons. It genuinely kept areas with different seasons whole time on, even when it was few kilometres difference.
So I did walk out from the snow-filled land onto the summer premises like nothing.
The three-storey houses, that reminded of the council flats were here and there. Some abandoned, some lived-in. A bunch of cats and kittens next to that area.

“Look, there’s an abandoned building. Maybe those rabbits kind of multiply there?” – You pulled up behind me, then passed me and went into the building.
“Dude, no… Really? Come on…” – I let out, as I stagger cautiously behind you. And you, must I add, are quite the fearless, or dumb, type of gal that loves adventures.
And we get in. Cramped. The walls of wood and the floor of wood, the stairs in poor condition, with wooden planks serving as some sort of comfort of work.
And You go down, but then you get to a sudden halt midway.
I bend lower to see what you see.
Fair enough – four bulky men sitting cooking something. And somehow whole setup is making me feel worried.

“Hello, um, we’re looking for a rabbit.” – I come down lower, letting You get up the damn stairs for escaping reasons.
“No rabbits here. Unless you talk about this one.” – One man gestures to another. The other comes over with a phone, showing photos of a girl.
And I play dumb.
“Um, nop. That’s not a rabbit. But cute. Seriously, have you seen the rabbit though?” – I say.
“No. Just that. Maybe you could pass this girl something?” – The other one chimes in and points at the phone with the photos of that girl.
I’m sure not a dumb twat. I know that this girl was found dead two weeks ago. Raped and murdered brutally. And whole thought that these twats were the ones to do it – had my inner gut wanna slash them. But I’m with another quest here. Not to mention that H asked me not to kill unless the other party initiates it. And I’m sure that with no weapons on me, with bare hands and raw power – I can take them out one by one, but whole lot – not so much.
“Something?” – I tilt head, with my big eyes, looking all girly.
“Can you pass her a dress?” – The man says.
“Dress?” – I make a face, then look at him – “Do you have an address? Where do I find her, well, if you want me to get that dress delivered.”
I know where she’s at – her remains were burned by her accolades. I was present as a representative of guard.
“Sure, will say. Come on, let’s get that dress.” – The one with the phone follows me up the stairs, as he leads up.

You, dear silly goose of an adventurer had fled the premises, with no sight of you. Well, nice.

That man tries to grab my neck, I slither out.
“Hey, don’t do that. I don’t like that.” – I say, as I step back. But that guy already had some odd rounded knife in hand.
“Oh come on, you’ll like that.” – He says as he grabs again.
Like hell I will, mate.
I grab that knife out of his hands and slash his face. Then get the door opened and get outside. Running out, checking if You are there. Yeah – no sight of you.
“He-elp!” – I shout, as I see some people in distance, passing by.
The next time I shout, I see this man shouting help along with me, as he’s also out of the building. Those two in distance run the hell away.

I let out a sigh. Really? Really? With this wishy-washy type of a bloody weapon I gotta manage.
I stop and face that guy, as he’s nearer to the house and walks towards me.
After another sigh, as I have another look around, to make sure that there’s no civilian possible casualties…

I smile and walk towards that man.


Now he looks confused and scared.

Yes darlin’, I don’t see the need to have collateral damage and with my powers used – there typically is a lot of damage.

Oh, he’s backing away now…

Too late hun, I’m out to hunt. And because you were the one to attack first – I have excuse for H.

Image from https://www.mrsmithworldphotography.com/photos/Arctic-Snow-Scene-2.jpg

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