“.petal.temples & shrines.” [short story.dream edition]

In the paths, of the city that’s been the one to be hidden for a while, forgotten, actually.
The paths of stones and old hand-made brick constructs. Shrines and temples all around.
Pathways vary from narrow to wider, back and forth.

Vines grow around all the walls that line perimeter of each temple and shrine.
The abundant amount of the black pea-like, hard berries on the vine seems to remind a grape harvest season.

“These,” – I take a pick in hand, – “are used to make rosaries. Well, that was a practice of common, until they learned that berries are poisonous, then the vines were banned from this place for a while. So that they wouldn’t kill. But now they’re back. And we keep using them for the rosaries and the protection works.”

The new kid was strolling around with me. She was amused.

“Do you know how these berries come to be?” – I ask, as I smile at her.

She shakes head, as she watches and waits for reply.

“The petals, from all the shrines across the worlds come to gather here.” – I point at the portal, next to huge lake, where the whirls of rainbow colours occur, as they appear whirlpool-like.
“And here they mix and get pressed into the beads, into the berries. And then the berries appear on the vines.” – I said.

“There was a time when we allowed the accumulation of the petals. That just grew in size. But that’s when we got the vines back, as, well…” – I look at the temples. – “We were made here to be the gathering for them. The place where petals come once they serve the purpose. And we neglected a bit of the work… But not any more. It seems to be back to full work.”

We walk towards the garden, where pines delicately stand, flower beds are manicured, yet not in a way that a hand makes it.
Some shrines and temples are covered in moss patches and vines. But they still are being up kept.

“After we lost many, it’s been a long while, until we began getting new people. It’s not been enough for us to manage it all. But even when a handful is still working – we still keep going.” – I say, as we conclude the tour.

photo from : https://japanquestjourneys.com/news/japans-best-buddhist-mountain-retreat/

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