“.the maker.” [short story]

“Ella! Come on! I don’t have all day for this!” – Gen was pulling out another cigarette from a pack.
A fine dressed lady, with pair of heels in hands was hurriedly trying to put them on, as she skipped, stumbling towards Gen.
“Yes, yes, I’m ready! I’m ready.” – Ella got those heels on, now adjusting dress. A fancy puffy thing. Embroidered with gemstones and had quite the angelic feeling to it. Flowy, airy, with a mixture of fine nets, embroidery and silk.
Gen gave a sigh and put out her elbow, for Ella to grab.
“Remember – it’s gala, but we’re the kings and queens. Chin up, don’t let that crown slide down no matter what.” – Gen said, as she looked at Ella. Ella held Gens hand, as she gave a nod.

They had entered the venue with heads held high and energy that beams, radiates the majestic.
The music, the ceremonies, the awards, but the best part – the after party and the table with the wine.

“You were charming, my dear.” – Gen praised Ella.
“It’s all thanks to you that I got the awards.” – Ella gave Gen another hug.

At home, in the dark, Gen sat with a cigarette, looking outside from the balcony. Summer sure gets to be a time to contemplate somewhere out.
“Can’t sleep?” – Ella came over, leaning on the door frame.
Gen just tilted head up, puffing out smoke in night sky.
“You’re just like them. Up there.” – Gen was watching stars.
Ella looked up, then at Gen and back.
Stillness in a moment.

Few footsteps and Ella gave a soft kiss on Gens lips.
“I’ll be waiting for you in bed.” – Ella left to the bedroom.

“She’ll know one day. She’ll know…” – Gen watched the falling stars. – “She’ll know that I won’t be so mad in love forever…”
Gen lit another cigarette.
“I’ll be mad in love until the end.”

Susie Smoking, Susie Bick for Yohji Yamamoto, 1988 – Ph. Nick Knight

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