“.now there’s two.” [dream edition. +1]

Note about “+1” : now there’s one more person, who shares this dream reality/parallel with me. And this will eventually become the part told by that person, part told by me. This is the making of from my perspective. That persons perspective will come along later on.

Authors note

So what did this come down to?
Just the shady way to steal artifacts? Or did you begin this, once a time when you came over with a cortege of cars to my house?

As far as I remember this – it happened quite swiftly, as if painlessly. Maybe because people had no time to gasp the pain, or to realize what had hit them.
It began with an explosion.

There was a bit of a struggle, to start it at how that began prior to the explosions.
People began ascending. They’ve started to show the abilities of clairvoyance, of pyrokinesis and more. They could see through time, some could shift realities, some could create things, begin fire, move things.
And that was the trigger to it all.
After a while – humanity faced the third party – they infused the ones who were here chemically, or, rather with their powers. That came to happen quite suddenly to some. They were randomly selected by the ones who shared the power with them.
There were also the starseeds and the ones who connected to the outer energy sources.
But what we began to see – enhancement of powers.

Do you see where this went?
Yes, the military decided to get their fingers in – fear of the ones with powers, power struggles and fights who is stronger, who can more…
But well… What they did not really see coming – that the ones with powers were against the military, against the regime.

That’s what led to the, well, explosions.
Some towns, areas, cities got destroyed, some managed to make it, with great help of ones that cast the protection. Oh how many had perished to keep the barriers up.

But then the chemical weapons were engaged. That flipped it all to the point of more and more destruction.

Some got even more powerful, with their energy surpassing limits greatly. Some got to die protecting others.
We were left with close to 40-30% of the population left. Scattered. Randomly alive. By the protection of their powers.

The beings that live on the earth – changed. Animals distorted, humans became the monsters of some book lores and the other things – we got to see the unseen.

Not to forget – a third party still is here. They did not really take any damage during the power struggle ordeal.
They waited to the point of having the strongest remain.

But really… To us… To all of us – we began the road to exploring how the whole process works. How do we control powers, how do we manipulate, activate and upkeep them.
That was in itself – either something you sensed, or learned the hard way.

Powers were not the kind that would be easy to understand. They were, after all – energy.

With different energy in different people and their capacity to hold, manipulate and transcend that energy – things got quite odd.
There began to be the ones who are strongest – given the duties to make, use and do things that would benefit for the ones that are left.

Some were able to create things out of thin air, some able to manipulate technologies, some advanced to levitation and…
There are ones who strife for the protection, for making it… Others fall into the dark, to go in their own ways, do their own things. Destroy if the mood feels like so, or maybe just make it disappear into the space, darkness.

Oh, there’s also the fine divine between the energy – users of light and users of darkness. The energy that they make is also understood by the colour.
Golden, silver, light, white, blue, yellow, reds… – light workers, all the other spectrum of dark – dark workers.

The ones with power that is bestowed to them in a greater capacity, have external additions to them.
From wings, to crowns, to clothes, weapons that show up only when users dip into their full energy.
The greatest give-away – eyes. Eyes change colour.
Depending on what you’ve got yourself into – your eye colour may vary. It can be one you were born with, but during usage of powers – that can change to any other colour, depending on the energy.

I was preoccupied with protection and upkeep of the city.
There were a lot of things going on. From scoutings, to killing, to amassing the strength.
There was more to come and the board we created had known it. So we were making it – the fort.
The fort was a city on water. With The Board making preparations from agriculture to tech, to mechanics and many more – we knew we had to go into sailing, for what were to come. So that earth would have enough to restore self.
Well, so that the strongest of us would restart it.

And then you show up.
Besides destroying cities on a whim, as well as cheating around in the dark ways, you got my awareness down. And I followed that silly thing.
You went for the pandora box, the moment my barrier was down.
And then went away, the moment I was surrendered by my own and the thirds.
You sent them through a wormhole of darkness someplace else.
How very nice of you to give me time.

What cheeky twat.

But I don’t wear my golden crown for nothing. Nor am I the one to hold my shield and sword for frolicking.

There’s close to no remorse, when dealing with an enemy, and you being such a cheeky thing – I’ll see how you’ll storm back to figure out the pandora energy you let out of that box you got.

I did already absorb one of the contents of that pandora box – the red box. There are supposedly around 12-13 of them. And the ones who manage to absorb it, to take it in and have it to be a part of them – well, there’s not much that’s left to say.

There’s the new levels of pain that even the ones with high levels of energy suffer, due to those contents.
So, are you sure you’ll manage to have it all?

Photography by : https://yasu19-67.tumblr.com/

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