“.club.” [short story]

Such a day in a club. It was quite early to go into madness today, but after some grilled meat, then booze and fun, the fun asked to be shaken off. So we went to a club. You got me too damn hyped about it all, so I had too high expectations.
Well, I did laugh a lot, after I saw your way of “coolest club”. I did laugh.
You kinda took it as offence, a bit, but the hug made it better.
I made you laugh a lot today, so you might as well give me some slack.

It was great fun, truly. We had drinks, and you were crowding over me, up until I held my hand on the wall, next to you and I gave that dude a look. There’s no way some twat tries to nick my friend from me.
Unapologetically I gave you a smile and said in your ear – “let’s go dance”. Oh sweety, you gave me those eyes. Uff. I know.

The dances were fun on the floor, as the amount of alcohol kicked in. You were with that fine body of yours – dazzling. I felt a bit like a hound who’d protect. Up until the moment when I noticed a man near me. And that guy – he was confident to not go. So I swayed him with a hand gesture towards bar stand.
“Two gin tonics.” – I requested bartender.
“Quite the drinks.” – He lets out.
“M? Too much? Or do you like the sweeter things?” – I look him in the eyes, unfazed.
To my surprise, he does not budge.
“No. Gin tonic sounds good.” – And he gives me a smile.
I’m boozed enough to smile back. He is charming, I give him that.

After a chat and a bit – he asks if I and my friend wish to go join their table.
I agree, then go and find a friend of mine, but she’s pretty darn out of it. So I get her a taxi and send her home.
“What a kind friend.” – He says, as I get to their table.
“Nah. Just nice enough.” – I shrug and take a seat next to a bunch of dudes. – “Where’s all the girls?”
I say, as I look around.
Then it felt like a chill down the spine and a shiver went all over body. The music changed. I had to get up and walk over to see who is the DJ. The music was just right for me. The blood thirsty, the dark and sexy. I felt like I do need more drinks, as I begin enjoying this more and more.

Guys do get out there and shake it. Very well versed in dancing. That’s quite obvious. Charming indeed.
The gent who asked me over, sat near me.
“So, seems like you enjoy this music.” – He says in my ear.
“It’s absolutely the sexy shit that people would do naughty things in.” – I turn to him. – “You know, the music for the kinky bits. But the gothic kind. Appealing if you’re a vampire or a magical being.” – I laugh, as he makes confused face. – “Sorry. Just the way it plays… It’s ah. Can feel it in my soul.”
“You might appreciate my music more.” – He lets out.
“M? Your music?” – I tilt head.
He stops in his tracks.
“I don’t mind. You do you. But impressing me could be quite the quest, if you pick it.” – I say, as I pick up my gin.
He leans in, then places his hand around my shoulders.
“You’re interesting.” – He says in my ear.
“So are you.” – I turn to face him. – “And you don’t smoke coz of your singing voice, huh?”
He stares at me.
“Well, smoking does get some grime in there. So I get that. So I picked the alcohol instead.” – I face out to see the great people on the dance floor.
He smirks, than downs his drink.

“You guys are gonna dance or no?” – His friend comes over.
“Oh, Am I ready for this thing? Guess my drunken self is calling my inner sexy bitch. You up to shake that ass?” – I turn to a man next to me.
He laughs and gets up.
I shake my head, down my gin and get up.
“Well then…” – I smile and get to dance with the guys.

Morning seemed bright. Eyes opened slowly, crusty and still in makeup.
Somehow heavy around me. I look to my sides. The…
The sight makes me wake up a bit more.
Whole lot of the dudes from yesterday. Including that one who approached me first.
“Guess they all came over to sleep in my home. Oh well.” – I thought to self, as I managed to get out of bed, without waking up anyone. Tough quest, really.
Making coffee was fun.
Then breakfast.
And then the gents began to appear.
“Good morning. Breakfast is ready. Coffee?” – I ask.
The surprised faces were quite amusing.
I showed the hangover remedies on the table, as well as food and coffee.
Meanwhile I was checking my emails and having some sweet music play.

“You sure you’re alright?” – I had that guy ask me.
“Yeah. If you need to have something – let me know. Can order it to be delivered to house.” – I reply without picking my eyes from laptop.
“Do you even know who we are?” – He says.
“Do you even know who I am?” – I turn to face him.
He gives a shaked head.
I shrug.
“See. It doesn’t matter. In case you wanna stay or come back – do let me know. So I can prepare some spare clothes or extra food.” – I say without batting an eyelid.
One of guys lets out a sigh.
“Can I move in?” – He asks.
“Sure. There is room upstairs that’s free. You can take it.” – I reply.

He is in stupor.
“So easy?” – He says.
“And why would it be hard?” – I reply.
They’re all confused.
“I don’t give a flying rats ass. Wanna stay here – pay rent and stay. Wanna go – go. Wanna come back – take my details. Easy as that.” – I say, as I go to pick another coffee.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset Photography by :  https://yasu19-67.tumblr.com/

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