“.patio.” [short story.EXT.]

The sounds of the rain fill the air. With close to nothing left in the  car, as all was brought inside, the travellers resided in their own little places they picked.
Elly was inside, having the bedroom and having his nap. The long hours of travel in the heat exhausted him. He just wanted some peace and rest. Once he sorted own room – he flopped on the bed, exhaustedly.
The amount of drinks for the week, along with food they’ve brought was seemingly excessive. But they’ve decided to have a creative messy week – for the inspiration and the retreat options.
The boxes of wine and other alcohol had lined the side of the kitchen. Such amount had to be the kind that’s stored in the bar, but no, just a few people and a week’s worth of excess.

Ani had retorted to the patio. She was driving the whole of the way, as she was the sole driver. Others were just holding up the loot from the store in the back of the car.
Once they’ve arrived and unpacked the whole lot in the kitchen – she just went out, as she saw Elly go upstairs.
Outside it was cloudy and eventually, as she stood – it began to rain.

The forest sounds and the lake in the view had added up to the scenery. She ought for the place to restore and now this seemed like the perfect spot.
They bought this house just a week ago. They actually did some work of renovations within the week. And now they’re staying over.
“What a sight…” – Ani let out. She sat down, with her back to the house, as she admired the view.
Just the sight of the forest and the nature in such a place stirred a bunch of still memories from childhood. It was bringing to life some warm and soft, fondle memories.

Such as watching the rain from the swings, as she was a kid and in the countryside. Even the endless summers she spent there. That was all adding up to the flow of the summer rain. Summer in general was her favourite season, and the way the heat would be downed by the rain was forever fascinating. The smell of petrichor after rain was, especially in these regions – mesmerizing.

Ani had gone inside to make some coffee, then got out again. The solace and the peace were too attractive, to sit inside. The small chill from the moisture had begun crawling up her skin. The lake side next to the forest had its own way of lowering the temperature after the rain.

The third person, who accompanied the whole lot, had been enjoying the trip on his own terms. With him right now opening one of the boxes of the wine and taking out the bottle of red merlot.
After taking notice of Elly in the bedroom and Ani on the patio, he decided to join Ani outside.

“Wanna have a smoke?” – Vi had approached Ani.
She turned around to check an intruder to her peace, then gave a tired smile.
“Aren’t you tired?” – She said, as she went on with watching the rain.
“Bloody pissed. But hey.” – He raised the wine bottle.
Ani had let out a laugh.
“You’re undying as hell.” – She shook her head.
Vi looked from up above and smirked:
“Well, there’s a bit for acceptance.” – He opened the bottle. – “Want to have a go?”

Ani puts a cup on the table and takes the bottle, she lets out a sigh, then puts the bottle to her mouth and has a go at a drink.
“It’s been a long ride. Seems like it took ages by now.” – Ani lets out.
“It does seem like a while.” – Vi had picked the bottle and had a plentiful down his throat.
The smirk had resided in Anis lips.

The rain kept on going, as the silence kept prevailing. The emotional exhaustion was catching up within the physical realm. The idea of just flopping down and trying to not be a part of another project had been in the mind of all three in the past few hours, prior to the return.

With the weeks being spent in collaborations with other artisans and media projects, with the plentiful places that needed the attention and the new networking events, gatherings, clubs… It had taken a toll on all of them.

Ani had spaced out, as she was leaning. Vi had been drinking the wine. In the sense the silence had enveloped the realm, in the sense – it was just the patter of the rain.
With many thoughts about how the gents will leave off to the other destinations and the ideas – Ani felt the sense of loneliness. Escapism crawling in the veins.
It would not be the first time being the one that’s left alone, but after spending so long with this company – the sense of family unity had prevailed.

Vi had dropped on the flooring and leaned back against the house.
“Say, is it always this serene in here?” – His voice sounded slightly hoarse. Seems like the wine had been doing its magic on him.
She took a look at Vi, then gave a nod.
“What magic.” – He looked around, then gaze had gone somewhere uncertain in the depths of the forest ahead.

“So what do you plan once back?” – Ani had let out.
Usually it’s the one person that makes the more of the situation – Ani. Always planning out for the boys, always sticking out for the sense of something more. THis time it was about feeling a bit of helplessness, a bit of loneliness, an inescapable situation. It’s not necessarily losing someone, or something, it’s a bit about that emotional loss. The sense of letting go and going forth alone.

“Most likely shall start off my own thing with a bunch of capable people. You know.” – Vi had let out, as he was mulling over his own little things.
“M-m, mhm.” – Ani gave a nod.

It was a silence again…
Not the first time the two had communicated without words. Maybe the shared thing of being more of an introvert had them both in such a way.
The sense of relating to someone at some level had them both in a different wavelength. Both had been quite the odd ones out.

“Dinner?” – Ani had let out.
Vi had given her a look over, then shook the bottle, as he held it up.
“You think? Is this not dinner enough?” – He let out.
Ani shook head.
“Don’t think so. I’ll go and get that dinner ready.” – She turned to walk into the house.
“Wait.” – Vi had said. Ani stopped in her tracks, taking a look at him.
“Don’t go. Just have a seat and enjoy some wine with me. Much to ask?” – He smiled.

She gave a sigh, then took a seat next to him, taking a bottle and drinking from it.
“So then the dinner is later.” – Ani had let out.
“Mhm.” – Vi mumbled.
Both gave in silly nods, as it felt like they resonated.

The drinking of a bottle leads to getting another. And midway through the second bottle the two alas, lazily have begun analyzing the days spent together.
“It’s been a madness to work with a fashion magazine and a designer squad in one day.” – Vi had let out.

“Pfft, how about the three networking sessions in one day, when waking up at eight and going to bed at eight. Wanna go repeat that again?” – Ani had giggled.
“Not today, demon, not today.” – Vi had shaken his head.
“Maybe you wish to go and have a scouting session for the shoot again?” – Ani had laughed.
Vi just pressed lips and shook his head.

The going over the events that had been driving them all madly into workload lately had been quite the exhausting feat.
The world seemed to speed up for those moments and the whole of the events seemed to drain them, as those gave more and more to the industry, or to the new connections, works and more.
Guessing that the most tiresome was the day of the photoshoot with a magazine, then meeting with realtors, then signing contracts, then going for a network meetup and then to an afterparty clubbing session – that was the toughest day they’ve pulled off.

“I am appreciating the peace now.” – Ani had said.
“I’m glad that it stopped. Although it seems like we have to rush into something again.” – Vi tiredly spoke.
“It does feel like we’re lazing around for some reason, when we’re meant to go for another conquest.” – Ani leaned on the Vi’s shoulder. – “Rather not go for another conquest. Too much work. Too much work…”
Vi gave Ani a pat on the head.
“It’s alright. We’ve got this.”

The little of the rest came more and more burdensome. The rain had stopped and the whole scenery reverted back to the typical late evening in summer. The breeze of the night creeping up in the air.

“You’ll be leaving soon.” – Ani had spoken.
“Yeah. But it’s not like we won’t see each other from then on.” – Vi retorted.
Ani let out a deep sigh.
“Come on. It’ll be fine.” – Vi hugged his friend. – “It’s gonna be fine.”
Ani had wrapped her hands around Vi. It’s nice to feel this sort of hug.
Guessing that she grew more and more accustomed to it over time, as that was more and more often as of late – sensing this hug.

Maybe there will be other hugs, as the time goes on and the events change. But it seemed to be a different kind of hug from then on. Not the same warmth, fondness or the feeling around it in general – a different sort.
Or maybe when they meet again – will it actually be the same kind of hugs?
It was in a way a sadness… A loss… Even if in actuality it would not be necessarily so.

Photo from https://schattenisegrim.tumblr.com/

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