Revamped: [1] Seven Deadly Cardinals – Chastity/Lust

[1] Seven Deadly Cardinals – Chastity/Lust Walking back home from the part-time work, head in the clouds, thoughts about what would be sufficient for the dinner tonight.The evening was charming with the endless street lights, the ‘open’ signs in neon and the cars that dash past.“What was the name of that dish Mary said about?… Read More Revamped: [1] Seven Deadly Cardinals – Chastity/Lust

Overture – BJ Phyos

Original Story Inspired by “J” Rating – R – NC-21 *note – “BJ” is Broadcast Jockey . A popular (or so) “streamer” online. Her eyes were glued to monitor. Every day at 10 in the evening. She’d silently, hiding in her room, door locked, just in case, be onto the really desired relieve.