“Fallen King & Arbiter” [short story]

Aha-ha-ha-ha!Body bends in laughter.“You truly think that will be a sight to make me fall for?”Aha-ha-ha-ha!Hysterical laughter fills premises. Old chambers of the church trembling from rumbling.“Oh come on! Come on! You’ve played the role of demon crowned,When all are jesters in the crowd. You’ve killed and you’ve misplaced the hearts,You messed with life of… Read More “Fallen King & Arbiter” [short story]

Overture – BJ Phyos

Original Story Inspired by “J” Rating – R – NC-21 *note – “BJ” is Broadcast Jockey . A popular (or so) “streamer” online. Her eyes were glued to monitor. Every day at 10 in the evening. She’d silently, hiding in her room, door locked, just in case, be onto the really desired relieve.