“Cathedral” [1]

…piano music playing, keyboards reciting a lonely melody… “There’s a legend about this Cathedral…” – A ghostly voice calls out to reader. …piano melody softly playing… “That if you sing a song known in tale, as you pass Cathedral by – you might be asked to give 5 ro.” …melody playing… “It’s told that if… Read More “Cathedral” [1]

“A bitter taste of Wine”

Hey there great fujoshi and fudanshi! This is a little bit of the “pre-story” to relationship of David and Erick from my book “Parallels” This segment is from the book 2 that’s in progress. It’s sexy and steamy) Just the way we love it! For the “Parallels” check this link : https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fantasy/66844?ref=v_4e409c2c-abb2-4808-9c18-668164d6a848 *** Downing another glass of wine like… Read More “A bitter taste of Wine”